Five year anniversary Dr. Oz Show

I had the honor to take part in the fifth year anniversary special for the show that was responsible for giving me a second chance at life. It airs today, December 19th. While I was prepped for a longer segment, I actually only had the chance to say a fraction of what I wanted to say. One of the questions asked how my life has changed since I first appeared on Dr. Oz. While I did answer the question on air, what I left out was, prior to the Oz Show, I was trapped and powerless in a disease that had reduced my life to a mere existence. And, today, I am blessed to be in a position to share my story with others that are in that very place I was four years ago. The gift that the Dr. Oz Show gave me was not just a new lease on life, but the opportunity, the responsibility and the purpose of being able to share the gift of hope – one of the greatest gifts we as human beings can give to one another.

Final photo Dr Oz 2013

Eating Disorders on the Dr Oz Show Anniversary Special

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