Coming Full Circle: On the Other Side of the Recovery Process

At the outset of 2014, I accepted a position as part of a treatment team at a facility that offers an entirely unique approach towards recovery from addiction. Having been on both sides of the treatment process, both as a patient and a practitioner, it has been discouraging to see many treatment centers run as businesses. When this happens, the primary focus of helping another human being struggling with a serious and life-threatening disease is all too often lost in the equation. I feel blessed to be on a team of truly authentic and compassionate individuals who possess a driving passion to help those suffering. Currently, our primary focus is treating substance abuse in men over thirty-five. However, this is only the beginning … I believe that there are many good things to come as we grow. In particular, if my hopes are to be realized, my next appearance on the Dr. Oz Show will be to announce the opening of the very first treatment center specifically designed to treat eating disorders in males. Everything begins with a vision and this is mine. Thank you Carl Mosen and Kevin Mello for pursuing your vision and allowing me to be a part of this amazing process!


 Hotel California by the Sea

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